Dallas Womens Clothing & Wholesale Jewelry


Accessories are the final touch to making any outfit look just right. When you are selling womens clothing, you can take advantage of wholesale jewelry in order to provide your customers with every detail they need to put together the ensemble they want. Before you set out to make your purchases, keep the following tips in mind.


Women are as diverse, or more diverse, than the styles and colors of clothing which you have on your racks. Purchase jewelry in a variety of colors and styles; choose gold, silver, and bold colors in order to offer a variety which will appeal to each of your customers.


Next, try to coordinate the jewelry which you are purchasing with the inventory you have in stock. You don’t want your customers heading to another source for their jewelry. You want all of your jewelry offerings to be compatible with the womens clothing in your store.


Choose different lengths and styles of jewelry so that your customers are able to accentuate their positive qualities. You’ll want to provide some long lengths of necklaces and some necklaces which are shorter. Choose chunky and slender bracelets and earrings of all sizes, shapes, and colors. Give your customers the option of mixing and matching or going with one coordinating style.

As you set up your models, remember to display a couple of different looks with your wholesale jewelry. The ideas which you generate will spark some ideas in the minds of your customers.

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